animals. chicago.

collin schiffli.  chicago.

collin schiffli. chicago.

gay panic. get lost.

i grew up with joshua lerner in kansas.  he now lives in brooklyn, ny.  he is in a band called GAY PANIC.  he makes the rock and roll.  the rock and roll is supreme.  here is a video to support this statement.  watch it.

for more good stuff GO HERE

t.b. lambergini.  artist and friend.  brooklyn, nyc.  so far ahead of the curve that he brings it all back around.

see more of his work HERE

If I Ran the 2012 Grammys...

If I Ran the 2012 Grammys, This is How the Winners Would’ve Looked
Ink and China Marker on Vellum 8.5” x 11”

where the wild animals are

animals office

we make great pets.

elias the ant.

direction: collin schiffli // pictures: larkin donley // sounds: ian hultquist // performer: shawn rodriguez

with thanks to the fine people (paco and brenda) at beverly blvd. pet supply


if you are in or around chicago – run to see rick cluchey in krapp’s last tape.  cluchey, who was mentored by samuel beckett himself, is receiving an incredible response for this production with shattered globe.  the chicago sun-times is describing it as the “canonical version”.   read more here.   ticket and showtime information at www.shatteredglobe.org



spaceboy. by evelyn leigh

spaceboy. by evelyn leigh

recent news:  prisoners by denis villeneuve

premature the show episode 2 directed by jess brickman, written by grace rex

go see: wrong by quentin dupieux.  a wonderful friend, jack plotnick, stars in this – one of the best, most original films out so far this year.


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