there are those moments in life that you spend many years recalling when you need to remember what keeps you going.  this entire past week in austin, tx, at SXSW Film will remain one of those experiences for life.  surrounded by loved ones, collaborators, a huge turn-out from the ANIMALS family and the amazing community of austin, we premiered to a full house at the legendary alamo drafthouse.  the response thus far has been humbling and we even took home a special jury prize for ‘courage in storytelling’.   now we shall see how to find our way to audiences as we bring the brilliant work of collin schiffli and the rest of our incomparable ANIMALS family to the world…

some press:

photo by tyler core

photo by tyler core

indiewire review

film threat review

hollywood reporter review

there aren’t really words to properly describe this right now so we won’t even try.  needless to say – incredibly grateful and humbled by the massive support and force of talented people who have come together to tell this story.  much more to come…. the ANIMALS are free.   ANIMALS WEB SITE

on the set of ANIMALS with director, collin schiffli, and lead actress, kim shaw.  the fullerton diner.  chicago.  photo: tyler core

on the set of ANIMALS with director, collin schiffli, and lead actress, kim shaw. the fullerton diner. chicago. september 2013. photo: tyler core




episode 7 of the fantastic new fox series, almost human, premieres on monday january 6.  a fox press release about the episode (including synopsis and details) can be found HERE.   and a very cool “first look” behind the scenes video below.

eve makes new work on old stuff

a new series from the ever-inventive evelyn leigh.  i think you should really get you some.    for more information GO HERE.

an unbelievable month as animals production in chicago comes to a roaring conclusion.  this is a rousing moment in the score.  and congratulations to all involved with prisoners. a successful release and a beautiful film from a brilliant filmmaker.

bob's house.  photo by WILSON WEBB

bob’s house. photo by WILSON WEBB

animals. chicago.

collin schiffli.  chicago.

collin schiffli. chicago.

gay panic. get lost.

i grew up with joshua lerner in kansas.  he now lives in brooklyn, ny.  he is in a band called GAY PANIC.  he makes the rock and roll.  the rock and roll is supreme.  here is a video to support this statement.  watch it.

for more good stuff GO HERE


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